Martin Čičvák


Rastislav Ballek

Direction: Rastislav Ballek
Dramaturgy: Martin Kubran
Production assistance: Martin Čičvák
Set: Hans Hoffer
Costumes: Marija Havran
Puppet design and creation: Ivan Martinka
Masks: Juraj Steiner


Kukura: Alexander Bárta, Martin Hronský, Marián Prevendarčík, Radomir Milić
Čičvák: Juraj Hrčka
She, Mother: Jana Oľhová
Puppeteers: Miriam Pavelková, Radomir Milić

Premiere: 29 May 2011

Performance length: 100 minutes with no interval

Kukura – A Bernhard-like play in which an individual looks back at his life, and which also analyses culture and, indeed, life. A theatre manager and a theatre director await the arrival of an actress who is going to tell them, finally, whether she is accepting the role of Medea that she has been offered. For Kukura, the manager, it is time for a monologue in which he assesses his life, for the young director it is a rite of passage. The play takes an open and critical look at the state of culture today, and is directly inspired by the figure of Juraj Kukura – man, actor and director. Rastislav Bellak’s production was nominated for a Dosky award in three categories (Jana Oľhová for best female performance, Ivan Martinka and Martin Čičvák for discovery of the year). The production is part of a cycle of original Slovak plays with a social and political content, among them being Tiso, Dr. Gustáv Husák and Communism.

Rastislav Ballek (b. 1971) – Studied philosophy and sociology at Comenius University, later theatre direction and dramaturgy at VŠMU and the State Theatre School in Krakow. His work is permeated by an interest in the forgotten and marginalised works of Slovak literature, a literary anamnesis of the nation and an examination of the position of the Slovak intellectual in society. He has worked with a number of Slovak theatres, as well as Czech ones (Reduta Theatre, Polárka Theatre). Tiso, probably his most successful production, won four Dosky awards in 2005 and was invited to a number of festivals, including the Theatre festival in Pilsen.

Aréna Theatre – Among the famous names to have graced the theatre’s long history is that of Max Reinhardt, who performed here for several seasons as a young actor. Later, the theatre closed, being finally reopened in the 1990s by Slovak mime artist Milan Sládek. Since 2002 the theatre has been managed by Juraj Kukura, who developed the concept of a multi-genre theatre with an emphasis on contemporary drama. Over the ten years of its existence, the theatre has taken its place among the leading Slovak theatres. Its ambitious repertoire is open to taboo subjects, experimentation and new creators.