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La Petit Mord ()

La Petit Mord – A simple story about water and fish, man and fire, which begins and ends with death. Man tricks water in order to catch a fish, and then tames fire in order to cook it. But playing with the forces of nature is too much for little man, and so in the end death takes everything.

Echt Street Puppets – A Prague-based Czech theatre company which specialises in presenting its own gigantic, mechanical, mobile puppets in public spaces. In its street performances Echt Street Puppets makes use of improvisation and interaction with the audience, so that the puppets become living creatures in the eyes of the observer, a new life form, “Ontus Mechanicus”. The company has performed in various city festivals and ceremonies not only across Europe (such as the Festival der Kulturen in Berlin, where it won first prize for the best allegorical vehicle) but also in Asia (Dream Parade in Taipei and Kaoshiung International Puppet Festival in Taiwan).


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