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Emílie ()

Dramaturgy Vít Neznal
Music Alžběta Kostrhúnová
Light design Vlado Veleta

Eliška Brtnická, Jana Klimová, Salvi Salvatore (guest)

Premiere 14 April 2011

Emílie – "Emílie comes to me in a dream" is the title of a famous book by Czech Surrealist painter and poet Jindřich Štyrský, published in 1931. Cirkus Mlejn's production is based on the theme of woman and her image, inspired not only by literature but by the music, art and photographs of well-known artists, including Bizet, Magritte, Dalí, Picasso and Da Vinci.

Cirkus Mlejn – A young and progressive theatre group founded by two graduates of the Pantomime Department of the Music Faculty of Prague's school of performing arts (HAMU) – Eliška Brtnická and Jana Klimová. Both specialise in aerial acrobatics on scarves and trapezes. Their activity started with their graduate production, Put The Kettle On! in spring 2010, which gained a warm reception from audiences and critics. Emílie is their second project, and is formed of elements of aerial acrobatics accompanied by live music. The group is based in the newly-renovated premises of the Mlejn (Mill) Cultural House in Prague.


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