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Table (Karbido)


Script, direction, music and acting Karbido
Sound creation Jacek Tuńczyk Fedorowicz

Premiere March 2006

The performance lasts 60 minutes, with no interval

TOUCAN OFF 2006 AWARD – the top prize for the best off-stream performance at the 27th Actor's Song Festival in Wroclaw, Poland.
Nominated for an Edinburgh International Festival Award 07 EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 2007
The best-selling show in the Aurora Nova Venue, Edinburgh
The Table has been presented at 19 music and theatre festivals throughout Europe and in Israel.

The Table – An original acoustic performance, in which the centre of attention is a large wooden table. It reacts to the slightest touch, impact or vibration, converting them into sounds. The musicians who sit around it produce songs of all genres, from folk songs to rock ballads. They play on the table with their hands, their breath, their noses, their lips... Without any sort of instruments, Karbido, just by touching the table, create a flood of music like a regular musical ensemble.

For two months, with the assistance of luthiers, carpenters and sound designers, the musicians worked on their invention, the astounding transformation of a piece of furniture into a potent musical instrument, finally coming up with a table stuffed with ultra-sensitive devices capable of detecting and amplifying the most delicate vibrations and transforming them into sounds that create an electrifying one-hour-long concert, subtitled "A Maple Swish-And-Shush, Or a Piece For Four Men And a Table".

Grzegorz Cholewa, Gazeta Wyborcza

In the centre of a medium-size first-floor room of a jazz club stood a square, wooden table surrounded by the audience. Then four men in black suits came in, sat round it like four Russian-roulette players and began to play on it – with their hands, lips and simple everyday objects of everyday life – producing sounds of all sorts, which swelled and built up to a rhythmically and instrumentally complex symphony. Not a single beat, not a single brush was accidental or chaotic; each sound produced became a vital particle of one of the six mindblowing pieces composed by the performers.

Marek Wlodarski, Lampa

Voyaging through percussive trance to soaring epics through some rock'n'roll violence (albeit politely seated), these sonic clowns reveal themselves to be a tremendously exciting band in what proves to be an original and innovative production.

Alasdair Maloney, The Skinny Fest

Karbido – Karbido is a free association of avant-garde artists with inclinations towards and experience in music, theatre and art. Their sources of inspiration are many and varied, but are dominated by criminal jazz, idyllic melodies, folk-like openness and the energy of contrasts. The group was created in 2003 by musicians associated with bands such as CEZ, Kormorans and Formacya Bochianni. Karbido is associated with Hermetic Garage – Tomasz Sikora's platform for artistic activities. The band has also created the music for productions directed by Tomasz Man – 111 and Medea – as well as the Tchernobyl TM show by the Biuro Podróży and Arabesky (Kharkiv) theatres and the sound for many other Polish theatre productions and films.


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