Andrea Vykysalá – Karolína Křížková – Eva Stará


Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková, Eva Stará

AVIATRICES Come and fulfil your dreams of flying with us, and see what it is like to lose your head in the clouds! Three determined aviatrices are putting their plane together, and you will definitely believe that it is going to take off! Aviatrices is a poetic exploration of the world of aviation, in which you will experience the atmosphere of the first planes, and where heights, flights and falls are also an analogy of life and the efforts of a new circus artist.

HOLEKTIV An all-female company that has been active since 2016 and consists of Karolína Křížková, Eva Stará and Andrea Vykysalá. Its projects combine the genres of contemporary dance, physical theatre and new circus. Over the course of the yeas the company has managed to create a unique style and poetics. Holektiv is active on the Czech and international scene, and in addition to choreographical and performing activity it also engages in teaching dance and new circus.