The Tourists

Les Grandes Personnes


Pauline De Coulhac

THE TOURISTS Pilsen welcomes some remarkable visitors. A group of giants bursts into the streets, starts to discover the town and to get to know its inhabitants and sights. The gigantic puppets, up to four metres high, ask the way, look for somewhere to stay, write giant postcards, take photographs and surprise and entertain in all sorts of ways. Globalised tourism is sometimes seen as the curse of many places that are marvelled at throughout the world. Our huge, clumsy tourists illustrate, with satirical exaggeration, much of what inconveniences and angers locals who are faced with a tourist invasion.

LES GRANDES PERSONNES (LGP) The company (whose name means Big People) was created in 1998 and is based in Aubervilliers, France, in the Villa Mais ďIci, “in the middle of a cultural desert”. It aims to combine art and theatre, and in its productions uses gigantic puppets and objects that it makes itself. Its street performances help locals rediscover the place where they live – from a new perspective, with new proportions, from a childs’s point of view.