The Champion and the Mosquito

Mario Chiapuzzo – Faber Teater


Mario Chiapuzzo

THE CHAMPION AND THE MOSQUITO Everyone is on a bicycle in this unusual show, riding across space and time. The characters are Time Guides, all in Balinese masks, who take the spectators by the hand and accompany them through the life and times of an extraordinary cycling champion, Fausto Coppi. The twentieth century runs under their wheels… Moments in Coppi’s life collide with historical facts, tightening and dilating time, making everyone exist only in the present tense. At the stops, the most memorable feats are played out, such as the climb up the Galibier in the Tour de France and other victories and defeats, up to the final meeting between Fausto Coppi and the small African mosquito which bit him. This is a grand ride that everyone can set out on!

FABER TEATER formed in Chivasso (Turin, Italy) in 1995 from a theatre workshop at a secondary school. Since 2009 it has been supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture. The group consists of two actresses, four actors, a promoter and various collaborators. Faber Teater does not focus merely on the theatrical language, but also on the strength and energy flowing from an experience that thrills a person, passing to the audience where the artistic experience becomes complete. They believe in the spectacular moment as an intense exchange of emotions, energies, “stories” with the audience and the places, often non-conventional, that they choose for their shows.

The word “faber” is the Latin term for a blacksmith, producer, craftsman; one who loves, takes care of and makes his art and his tools; one who uses and takes care of his tools, and continuously searches for new possibilities for his artistic life. Actors, actresses, men and women working in theatre use their bodies and minds as tools to train, shape and strengthen their bodies, minds and souls. We experience different moments in our artistic lives: from research into the actors’ work to the creation and distribution of our shows; from the planning to the organization of theatre performances as well as pedagogical and cultural events.