Tomáš Dianiška


Tomáš Dianiška

ŠPINARKA Věra didn’t get into the conservatory, because she was too small. She’s no good for the choir, either, her voice is too big. Věra is living at a stupid time. What matters isn’t how you sing, but how politically aware you are. Luckily, talent will always find its way. This “documentary fiction” about a legendary rock
singer, connected for her whole life to her native Ostrava, is the powerful story of a home-grown talent and a fragile woman who in her work challenged all the stereotypes imaginable. It puts together an intimate portrait and an epic story of independence, intrigue, courage and the unforgettable presence of real love.
The production includes ten songs by Věra Špinarová, performed phenomenally by Markéta Matulová in the title role and accompanied by live rock.

“ I was approached directly with the subject by the head of the Bezruč theatre. I admit I didn’t know much about her personal life, all I knew was a couple of her songs. I do enjoy modern Czechoslovak history. If I’m going to be cynical, I’ll say that Špinarová is the ideal representative of a character who passes through the wild 20th century. Her turbulent life provides a fantastic arch for dramatic construction. It’s like writing a comic strip film about the birth of a superhero. It is
the story of a talented personality destroyed by a society that doesn’t understand her (in the case of Špinarová, luckily only for a couple of years). It is essentially the theme that interests me the most in theatre. The fine line between fame and disdain. Zdena Koubková, Vlasta Burian, Jindřiška Nováková, Frankie the Armless and other characters from my plays function in the same way.
——TOMÁŠ DIANIŠKA, director

TOMÁŠ DIANIŠKA (1984) is the soul, organiser, main author and an actor at the Divadlo F. X. Kalba, originally created as a “punk offshoot” of the F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec. The F. X. Kalba Theatre ended up living its own life and became a cult “theatre clan”, closely connected with the Palmovka Theatre in Prague. Born
in Banská Bystrica, at the age of 19 Dianiška left Slovakia for Prague, where in 2008 he graduated in acting from DAMU. He then started to work at the F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec. Since September 2014 he has been a member of the acting company of the Palmovka Theatre. The PALM OFF Studio, the theatre’s studio stage, has shown several plays by Dianiška, including 1000 Things That Piss Me Off (a theatre adaptation of the blog of the same name), The Silence of the Beavers, Let Donna Graduate! and Frankie the Armless. Tomáš Dianiška also acts in all the above plays. As well as the Palmovka Theatre, Tomáš Dianiška also works as both an author and actor with several other Prague theatres, including MeetFactory, Divadlo LETÍ, A Studio Rubín, Divadelní společnost Masopust, Chemické divadlo, Divadlo X10 and others. His play The Silence of the Beavers won a nomination in the Czech Theatre Critics’ Awards in 2016. In the same survey he also won the Talent of the Year award. In 2019 two of his plays were nominated for best Czech play of the year – Trannies, Points, Seconds and also Frankie the Armless, which he co-authored with Igor Orozovič. In 2020 his play The Magnificent 294 won this award.

The PETR BEZRUČ THEATRE in Ostrava is one of the most artistically-distinctive theatres in the Czech Republic, as shown by the number of awards it has won and its reception by audiences. It focuses in particular on young audiences, and all those not afraid of contemporary subjects. As a team the company is highly
regarded, with a number of actors who have appeared at the Bezruč going on to make their names nationally (Richard Krajčo, Lucie Žáčková, Tereza Vilišová, Filip Čapka, Jan Plouhar, Tomáš Dastlík). The original dramaturgy includes modern approaches to classic works, the dramatisation of interesting or “cult” works of literature and film, and last but not least, theatre with a regional theme.