MAnaMA – matky na mateřské

SORRY TO GIVE BIRTH An autobiographical cabaret about something as intimate as giving birth. Not something you can really create theatre about. Three mothers on maternity leave have a go. There are three of them, together they have six children and they’ve given birth to all of them. The first in the maternity hospital and the second at home. Now the ladies have created a production that is for all types of women. For those who have given birth and those who have yet to do so. For those who have not given birth and are not going to do so. And even for men!

Two themes emerge from the production, but not in a needlessly earnest way: how authoritative and programmed, insenstive to the needs of women giving birth, is the approach in maternity hospitals, and how women who, after that experience, choose to give birth at home the next time round, are nevertheless influenced by that initial experience – they are “stressed” by what should be done how, which has an influence on their “natural” experience of birth.
Bílková, Huláková and Malaníková perform in a way that is sympathetically (mostly) restrained, they do not force themselves on us… The main thing seemed to be the act of sharing – moving, humorous and warning experiences. It depends what sort of audience this “sharing” finds. At the premiere, where women were in the great majority, it resounded very well.
– Martin J. Švejda, blog NaDivadlo