Dominika Špalková and team


Dominika Špalková

LOG LEG The story of a little girl who liked jumping and dancing.
An auteur production about the irresistible urge to move and dance. Jazmína is a little girl whose favourite thing is jumping and dancing. One day, however, she has an accident and suddenly she can no longer dance any more. She starts to notice all the things moving and dancing around her. Cue the beginning of an adventure of the imagination and of the joy of playing, in which imagination merges with reality! A gently fierce and real story about the joy that movement brings children and the children in us.

Jazmína Piktorová meets the audience personally in the foyer and takes them into the studio, where she wins them over immediately with her magic and credibility, until you almost start to worry that children are going to get mixed up in the action in good faith. The production opens with television footage in which a little girl confides her wish to be a ballet dancer. The set is a room with curtains, in which everything has a function and meaning. The log of the title is a plaster cast on a broken leg, which stops the little girl not only from dancing. Music and dance theatre meet lyrical clowning, without words but nevertheless understandable. In a few strokes the dexterous artist brings to life a Degas-like ballet dancer, fills the stage with insects when Jazmína is bothered by pins and needles under her plaster, and conjures up out of colours worlds of the universe and the imagination. An apparently simple idea, but one with a huge effect. The dancer and the painter hear each other and feel the rhythm. If there existed a meter by which amazement could be measured, I am sure that both small and large audience members would show the same values.
Špalková and the team draw on their own memories, and without the need to refer to some sort of Star Rover for the youngest, in an inspired miniature that is sparing with words, they open up those memories to adults. In forty minutes they celebrate music, dance, theatre and an imagination that cannot be fettered by a handicap.
– Petr Mareček, Mladá fronta DNES

DRAK THEATRE was founded in 1958. Its initial phase is connected with the author and director Jiří Středa and the visual artist František Vítek. In the second stage, the creative team was extended to include the theatre’s managing director and dramaturg Jan Dvořák, the director Miroslav Vildman, the visual artist Pavel Kalfus and the musician and actor Jiří Vyšohlíd. The production Tales from a Suitcase was a sensation at the UNIMA world festival in 1966, and set the stage for the theatre’s long-lasting popularity both at home and abroad. In 1971 the young director Josef Krofta came to the theatre, and after he was joined by the visual artist Petr Matásek, the legendary Krofta – Matásek – Vyšohlíd team was formed. Thanks to their work, the theatre soon became one of the most significant puppet theatres both at home and in the international context. In 1995 Josef Krofta’s son, the director Jakub Krofta, joined Drak, and together with him the set designer Marek Zákostelecký. Their productions combine elements of puppet, clown, visual and music theatre. At the start of 2010 Eliška Finková became the theatre’s managing director, and together with dramaturg Dominika Špalková started a further gradual transformation of the theatre. The opening of Labyrint then broadened the theatre’s activity to include educational programmes and workshops for children and their teachers, and long-running cooperation with DAMU in Prague was launched as part of the Gaudeamus project.