Petr Pithart


Jiří Honzírek

THE PRIDE OF LONELINESS This particular test in 1968 we failed.
An almost political almost musical with Marta Kubišová, Helena Vondráčková and Václav Neckář from the time when the Golden Kids still existed, Czechs and Slovaks were enjoying the Prague Spring of 1968 and the Russians were starting up the tanks. History and hits with a bit of nationalism!

A view of 1968 and the history of the Czechs and Slovaks in general through the stars of the pop of the time and Petr Pithart’s insights in his book Sixty Eight, which contains an entirely exceptional critical look at the events of 1968, above all in relation to those occupied. The Russians and Germans alone aren’t to blame for our messed-up history… It didn’t turn out well, but the songs are still good!

Veronika Soumarová, Lucie Ingrová and Karel Vondrášek inflect Pithart’s precisely-structured and lexically-rich language in a highly precise and skilful way, looking for its logic and significances.
– Luboš Mareček, Divadelní noviny

JIŘÍ HONZÍREK (1979) The principal of the Feste Theatre, its permanent director and spiritus agens. He studied direction and dramaturgy at JAMU in
Brno (2006) and held internships at the Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam (2002, 2003) and Folkwang Hochschule in Essen (2004). He is
currently studying for a doctorate at the Department of Theory and History of Theatre at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University. He founded the Feste Theatre in 2006, and is its artistic head. He has guest directed at Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem, West Bohemian Theatre in Cheb, City Theatre in Most, Švanda Theatre in Smíchov, Slovácko Theatre in Uherské Hradiště, HaDivadlo and Polárka Theatre. In his productions he gives space to improvisation, makes frequent use of video projection and stylised dance. He looks at controversial subjects and current social and political themes.

FESTE THEATRE is a cultural platform actively engaged in political and social issues, with its base in theatre arts. The way in which it works, its
theatrical genres and dramaturgical decisions all flow from the social and political issues that it aims to comment on, look at or present to the public. The Feste Theatre is an independent professional theatre that has been active in Brno for almost eight years. During that time it has shown 20 productions, presenting them in Brno, throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. It focuses on taboo, social and political themes, and often works with historical subjects and figures. It also works with non-actors who are in difficult life situations. The Feste Theatre joins the world of art with the world of the humanities – it works with research into the given subjects carried out at the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno. The Feste Theatre works in the legendary Brno space Kabinet múz. Its name comes from the character of the fool in William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Feste the clown is a provoker who holds up a mirror to the politics of the ducal court. We aim to develop an open civil society, both in cultural and aesthetic terms and in terms of knowledge and opinion.