Viah’s first musical offering, Tears of a Giant, is an invitation to enter an intimate, fragile world, reflecting on the themes of identity and solitude and wrapped up in the grand electronic composition of Jiří Burian. Born in Prague to Vietnamese parents, Viah (Huyen Vi Tran) is a student of fine arts and experimental media, which allows her enter the fields of interdisciplinary performance, working with new media such as video art, animation, and audiovisuals, in combination with the performative practices of dance, and physical theatre. The debut album is diverse in its sound, as the tracks morph from whispery piano melancholia to monumental dancefloor burners. It marks Viah’s ascendance in electronic and avant-pop music, with a detectable inclination towards experimental music. Viah’s delicate voice is accompanied by guest vocals from Justin Lavash and Niro Baits.