Rostislav Novák ml.


Rostislav Novák ml.

ADHD is new circus in the grotesque style, poem, image, nightmare. The cast focuses on the human character, specifically on the disorder known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD and which gives its name to the production. Directed by Rostislav Novák jr., who was diagnosed with the disorder as a child, the production presents eight exceptional new circus artists from Finland, Venezuela, Canada, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. One of the world’s best jugglers, plus acrobats on poles, the cyr wheel and roller skates, dancers and a hair hanger. The company offers the newest of new circus from the last few years. At the same time, the production aims to show that ADHD is not an illness, but a new quality of life. For Rostislav Novák jr., the theme of the production is a highly personal one. “I myself was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and one of my children is ADHD too,” he says. “I see him growing up, struggling with himself and with his surroundings, searching for his dreams. I see how his body and his head sometimes react by themselves, and he has trouble controlling it and understanding it. I told myself I’d create a project for him. I want him to understand that ADHD isn’t an illness, as many people claim, but an advantage. A new quality of life.” During the creation of the project Novák worked with psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, neurologists and children from special schools.

ADHD is one of the best, if not the best work that Rostislav Novák jr. has created. He has achieved a higher quality of new circus in it, as a means that perfectly articulates the theme.
– Radmila Hrdinová, Právo

ADHD is among the best things that Cirk La Putyka has created. It offers an interesting subject with much overlap, and at the same time does not hesitate to use the most classic acrobatics. Together, Novák and his team have managed to create an attractive production whose interesting and well-handled theme gives it the potential for international success.
– Tomáš Šťástka, iDnes

ADHD, the new production by Rostislav Novák jr. and Cirk La Putyka, is an ideal confluence of several factors. Above all, the creators have managed to present abstract material using new circus and in a way that is exceptionally full of imagery. The set design is brilliantly ingenious, the music excellent and well-performed, and the company superbly suited to the task. (…) Rosťa Novák has personal experience of ADHD, and it is possibly because of this that he manages to transpose not only his traumas into the language of movement in a way that is natural, vivid and full of emotion. As well as all the negative things that the syndrome brings, there is creativity, uniqueness and a view into another world, in which imagination is important. However, it is also a wild, almost mad world, one that is sometimes ungovernable.
– Jana Machalická, Lidové noviny

ROSTISLAV NOVÁK JR. (1979) is a multifaceted creator and performer, from the eighth generation of the Kopecký puppeteer family. His family roots are important for his art, and in his projects he sometimes appears with his parents and children. The founder of Cirk La Putyka, he is one of the most distinctive representatives of “new circus” in the Czech Republic, although with marked ties to foreign colleagues. While searching for his place in Czech theatre and circus culture he first worked with the directorial tandem SKUTR, with the first fruits of their cooperation being shown in the Archa Theatre (Understand – 2005, Eight – Tits Great – 2008). His acting talent and acrobatic skill are sometimes made use of by other theatres – he has appeared as a guest at the National Theatre – and often in film and television. At Cirk La Putyka he frequently works with foreign performers (Dolls – 2014, ADHD – 2018), and some of his projects are remarkably demanding and unusual in form (Black Black Woods – 2016). He has also worked in Rwanda, where he scouted out talented young orphans and others from deprived backgrounds and with them created the production Hit – Tell the Difference (2017).

CIRK LA PUTYKA is a company that devotes itself professionally to new circus. It tries to blur the boundaries between acrobatics, modern dance, puppet theatre, concert and sport, creating its own specific style and its own view of the genre. The company considers it important not just to achieve a high level of professionality in individual theatre and circus numbers, but to focus on theme, story and message. Its first production (La Putyka) was first shown in 2009, and since then the company has shown at least one premiere each year. It also takes part in theatre and (new) circus festivals and other events in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world, such as Shanghai, Australia, Brazil and France. La Putyka works with well-known companies and artists such as Maksim Komaro, Tilde Björfors, Daniel Gulko, Jiří Havelka, Bonaventura Gacon, The Race Horse Company, the teachers at Cirque du Soleil and the National Circus School in France. The opening of the multi-genre cultural space Jatka78 in the Prague Market in Holešovice was a milestone for the company.