Ingmar Bergman, Lucie Trmíková


Jan Nebeský

PRIVATE CONFESSIONS Bergmanesque variations on the theme of marriage and loss of faith. Faith in oneself, faith in another person, faith in God. A probe into the relationship between a man and a woman. The silence of the other person. Even when he talks. Silence behind words. The silence of God. Behind our words, with which we try to touch him. Alois Švehlík alternates with Zdeněk Maryška in the role of pastor, mentor and confessor of a husband and wife who are afraid of each other. Lucie Trmíková’s Anna is in love, but not with her husband. Finally, after many years, she feels pleasure and is willing to leave everything. Martin Pechlát is her husband, and also a pastor, and he refuses to give her up. A duel with no victor. A sacrifice that has to happen. Faith that brooks no compromises.

What is fascinating about all three of the actors’ creations is their precision and awareness of the human situations to which their characters “bear witness.” Lucie Trmíková has investigated and thought about the female psyche so thoroughly that as Anna she admits, with detachment, to all the possible cogitative poses to which unfaithful women tend to have recourse.
– Marie Reslová, Aktuálně.cz

The Bergmanesque darkness and vivisection remain, but something in a different style creeps in, something searingly ironic, fake, and highly contemporary in terms of feeling. (…) What is amazing about Nebeský and Trmíková’s whole triptych is the way in which they have managed to look at a theme as old and well-worn as the relationship between a man and a woman each time from another angle, in different contexts and with different imagery. And each time with different energy as actors. Their three productions are among the best of the past year. (…) All three actors give their maximum, react to each other excellently, their confrontations are perfectly built, but at the same time give the impression of having only just spurted up from a flow of hidden emotions. Lucie Trmíková is excellent as Anna, handling not only the extreme parts with bravura, but showing an uncommon ability for the rapid alternation of mood.
– Jana Machalická, Lidové noviny

The defining characteristic of Private Confessions is nakedness, bareness... Private Confessions is confessed homage to Bergman, intimate, sober, but never only casual.
– Josef Chuchma, Divadelní noviny

JAN NEBESKÝ (1953) Czech theatre director and teacher. Studied direction at DAMU in Prague. His direction of Ernst Jandl’s Z cizoty (Aus der Fremde) at Prague’s Theatre on the Balustrade won an Alfréd Radok award for Production of the Year in 2004. Since 2002, when the Divadlo Komedie company was dissolved, Jan Nebeský has been freelance, working at the Studio Hrdinů, the National Theatre and other Prague theatres (he also works with the company 420PEOPLE and Studio DAMÚZA). Since 2004 he has also taught directing at the DAMU theatre faculty. In 2011 he, Lucie Trmíková and David Prachař founded the civic association Jedl, under which independent projects are created, combining various kinds of art (theatre, dance, music, fine art). Jan Nebeský has an exceptional stage imagination, finding his way to the content of texts with the aid of artistic symbols, absurd short cuts, and stylised, expressive acting. His productions are created by a pleiad of unexpected ideas, a specific atmosphere and style. Nebeský’s theatre uses layer upon layer of significance, runs into free association, combines themes in a collage-like way and works with the set, text and actors with unusual imagination.

JEDL David Prachař, Lucie Trmíková and Jan Nebesky´ are artists and friends who in 2011 founded the JEDL association as a platform for independent auteur-style theatre. They first met in the theatre Činoherní klub, brought together by an ancient play, and 26 years later they were once again connected by an ancient theme in a production of Medea. The production represented something typical of JEDL: the reshaping of original literary works through actor and script writer Lucie Trmíková’s auteur-style writing, and the connection of theatre with all other areas of art, including painting, sculpture and music. In the 2018/2019 season JEDL has performed a free trilogy looking at the relationship between a man and a woman from various points of view: the extreme in Medea, meditation in The Waste Land and humility in Private Confessions. JEDL has performed this season in the experimental space DUP 39.