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Červená ()

Olga Sommerová

A documentary portrait of the Czech actress and world-famous opera singer, mezzo-soprano Soňa Červená, shown to mark her 92nd birthday (9 September). She was born into the family of the founder of the famous First Republic cabaret Červená sedma (Red Seven), lawyer Jiří Červený. Soňa Červená started her theatre career after the war with Voskovec and Werich, but soon moved to opera and classical music, to which she then devoted her entire professional career. She enjoyed success in East Berlin, emigrated to the West and appeared in major opera theatres all over the world. After many years as an émigré she returned to her native country, where she still appears on stage. In 2004 she won a Thalia award as the special award of the Kolegium. The Theatre festival has in the past shown Tomorrow There Will…, Aleš Březina and Jiří Nekvasil’s opera about the trial of Milada Horáková, which was written for Červená. It premiered in the Kolowrat Theatre in 2008 and became one of the most successful productions of the year, both with audiences and critics. This documentary by one of the Czech Republic’s leading filmmakers is the story of a woman whose own history, her private and public life, was influenced by the history of Europe in the 20th century. Her artistic career numbers a hundred opera roles and four thousand performances on the stages of five continents. The film is not a mere chronological description of the events of her life – in the background we see watershed events in history…


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