Bohemia is by the Sea

Radek Malý, Vít Peřina, Michaela Homolová a kol.


Michaela Homolová

Direction Michaela Homolová
Dramaturgy Vít Peřina
Set Barbora Jakůbková
Music Filip Homola

Barbora Kubátová, Tomáš Bělohlávek, Filip Homola, Adam Kubišta

Premiere March 5th, 2016

Bohemia is by the Sea – The production is based on Radek Malý’s poetry collection for children A Sea of Salt Water. Together with the poet’s verse it evokes the seaside landscape and the world of the sea. Using puppet theatre it conjures up, for example, a lighthouse, as well as flying seagulls and floating sea creatures, real and unreal. The illusion of sitting by the sea is perfect, and the imagination of both children and adutls is fed with ingenious artistic playfulness.

The slow, watery tempo of this stylistically-polished stage fantasy is therapy for strengthening the power of perception in our hurried and unpoetic age.
Jan Kerbr, Lidové noviny

Michaela Homolová (1972) – Director and actor. Studied directing and dramaturgy at KALD DAMU in Prague, graduating in 1995 with the production Around the World in Eighty Days in the Malé divadlo in České Budějovice. Since 1996 she has worked with the Přesov theatre Babadlo, and in 1999 she started to work as an actor and director at the NDL. The first plays that she directed there include The Tinder Box, Slapstick and … another Bedřich. Since 2005 she has regularly worked with the author (and dramaturg) Vít Peřina, and their productions for children and young people have won a number of festival awards (for example Alphabet Soup, The Magic Porridge Pot, Roast Doves, or Sayings, Budulínek, The Ram Who Fell From Heaven and others. In 2014 the production of The Ram Who Fell From Heaven was nominated for production of the year in the prestigious Theatre Critics’ Prize.