Seiline Vallée


Directorial and dramaturgical assistance: Zoja Mikotová

Story and script: Seiline Vallée (based on the legend of Obasute)

Musical composition: Daniel Fikejz

Set building: Yumi Hayashi

Costumes: Erika Čičmanová, Yumi Hayashi

Lighting design: Roman Douda, Mikoláš Holba

Sound design: Ondřej Dědeček, Adam Špinka

Allegorical vehicle designed and built by: Salvi Salvatore a Petr Píša

Cast: Perla Kotmelová, Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore

Premiere 7 May 2008 as part of the Gliwickie spotkanie Teatralne international festival (Inspiracje 2008 award for the best production)

The performance lasts 1 hour

TaBALADA – This unusual street performance by a Czech – French theatre company combines the approaches and techniques of circus art, aerial acrobatics, physical and puppet theatre with music and singing. The script is freely inspired by the Japanese legend of Obasute and its literary treatment, the basis of the famous film The Ballad of Narayama. In the poor, remote village of Obasute it is the custom for old people who have reached the age of seventy to take themselves off voluntarily into the mountains to die. They are accompanied on their last journey to the summit of Narayama – the oak mountain where the souls of the dead gather – by their children.


In TaBALADA, various elements are set in opposition to each other in amazing combination and balance. This is the author’s way of paying homage to Japanese philosophy, in which all opposites respect and honour each other. This makes the production’s content perfectly consistent, cogent and replete. The static image of the mother combined with the spontaneous and energetic movement of the children; subtlety with impulsiveness, love and death, good and evil and art with real life.

Marta Odziomek, Gazetka XIX. Festivalu Gliwickie Spotkania Teatralne