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THE MASTER AND MARGARITA (Michail Bulgakov, Ondrej Spišák)

Ondrej Spišák

Adaptation of novel and direction: Ondrej Spišák
Set: František Lipták
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Music: Andrej Kalinka
Puppets: Karel Czech
Masks: Martin Blizniak
Cast: Lukáš Latinák, Marián Miezga, Zuzana Konečná, Lukasz Kos, Róbert Jakab, Milan Ondrík, Agáta Spišáková, Rudo Kratochvíl, Juraj Kemka / Peter Oszlík, Milan Vojtela, Martin Nahálka,
Šimon Spišák, Andrej Kalinka, Lucia Korená, Ondrej Spišák

Premiere September 27th 2013
The production is suitable for audiences aged 16 and over

The translation of English surtitles is from Ivan Lacek based on THE MASTER AND MARGARITA by Mikhail Bulgakov – English translation by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. Penguin Books, 1997. Thanks to the festival New Drama.

The Master and Margarita – Stylisation, grotesque, playfulness, the unforgettable artistic style of a company that mixes high and low, the fleeting and the eternal… The production follows freely on from the most successful titles of the Teatro Tatro group: from Bianca Braselli
it takes the atmosphere of an old and magical waxworks, from The Prophet Ilya the theme of the approaching end of the world. Bulgakov’s cult novel, about the devil in 1930s Moscow, is brought by the artists into the present day, as they ask: What does the devil look like today,
and how does he affect our present? Are we not living in a greater hell than post-revolution Moscow? Does Jesus Christ have any influence, or is he just a dangerous madman? And is there still such a thing as a love in front of which even the devil bows down?

“ Out of a complicated novel, director Ondrej Spišák has managed to create an interlocking mosaic that holds together beautifully. (…) As always in Teatro Tatro, this time, too, it was a true spectacle – in the style of commedia dell’arte, where everything is admitted, the stunts are created in front of your eyes, the actors appear in rapid succession in several roles, almost every scene contains deathly serious grotesqueness, the backdrops are both naive and beautiful, and the whole thing is congenially complemented by live music and singing. The atmosphere is heavily Bulgakovesque (tragedy, drama and grotesque woven into a single carpet) with reminders of Stalinist (and present-day Putinist) Russia, with autobiographical references, burlesque and chilling drama.
—Juraj Kušnierik, tyzden.dnes.sk

“ This dramatisation of the novel The Master and Margarita and its adaptation using Teatro Tatro’s distinctive style is definitely one of the theatrical events of the year (…) It is a strong production that serves up the cult novel using a specific theatre language that is unparalleled
in the Slovak context. It surprises us, astounds us and pulls us into its dark game.
—Milo Juráni, Kød

Ondrej Spišák (1964) – Director and actor. Studied DAMU and subsequently worked in children’s puppet theatre before moving into work for adults. At the start of the 1990s he and set designer František Lipták founded the Teatro Tatro, which takes its inspiration from the tradition of street theatres and circuses (Bianca Braselli, the Two-Headed Lady, Flying Frída, Minas Tirith – Minas Morgul, Derniere…). Spišák regularly works with the Radošinské naivní divadlo (Fame, Out of
the Blue, Dad, General, The Ten Commandments, A Play About Love…) and other Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and above all Polish theatres. His direction of Słobodzianek’s play Our Class won a Fenix – prestigious Warsaw theatre award. His home stage is the Staré divadlo Karola Spišáka in Nitra.

Teatro Tatro – A free grouping of actors, directors and artists around two figures – the director Ondrej Spišák and the artist František Lipták. The theatre company was created in 1990 as an alternative to the town theatre. Since then it has sought to find the borders of its own work, moving them into the public space where there is a greater degree of freedom.


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