FOUR THREE TWO ONE (theatre - concert)


Jiří Adámek

Music by Jiří Adámek, Michal Nejtek, Martin Smolka
Cast: Vendula Holičková, Pavol Smolárik, Daniel Šváb, Petr Vančura

The concert was first performed on May 18th, 2013

Four Three Two One (theatre – concert) – Boca loca means mad mouth in Spanish. Boca loca productions are based on plays with words and sounds, rhythm, singing, semi-singing, speaking and semispeaking. Martin Smolka (the co-founder of the AGON ensemble and the autor of the opera Nagano) and Michal Nejtek (composer and pianist who also plays rock and works, for example, with the Plastic People of the Universe) have written “spoken scores” directly for Boca
Loca Lab.

Jiří Adámek (1977) – Studied direction at DAMU in Prague, where he now lectures. In his theatrical and musical projects Adámek is not just director but author of the libretto, in some cases of the music. He has undertaken several study stays in France, and is considerably
influenced by French post-modern théâtre musical. Ever since the creation of his first full-length production of the “musical theatre” type, Adámek has gained various awards. He was named Personality of the Year at the 2007 Next Wave festival in the area of alternative theatre for
his musical stage compositions and theoretical reflections on them. He writes analytical articles about current theatre (for the magazine Svět a divadlo). “Of the ascending generation of Czech directors at the turn of the first and second decades of the 21st century, he appears to be the
most rigorous experimenter, a true intellectual who weighs precisely his deeds and steps, interprets them and develops them further. He is the type of artist who enters not only into the area of live theatre, but also into the area of theatre theory and intellectual reflections on his work and on what is going on around him (not just in the theatre). Jiří Adámek is the avant-garde of Czech theatre of the second decade of the twentyfirst century,” critic Vladimír Hulec has written about him.

Boca Loca Lab – A theatre group founded in 2007 by director and author Jiří Adámek. Its purpose is the realisation of stage forms that combine theatre and musical approaches. The distinctive features of the projects created include musically-composed structures, minimalistacting and a specific approach to language (the fragmentation of words, rhythmisation of text, playing with semi-abstract clusters of syllables and sounds). Boca Loca Lab has so far created the following projects: Tick Tock Politics (2006), Click on the Video (2007), Europeans (2008), Territory (2010), Fire (2011), The Twelve Merciful (2012), Four Three Two One (2013), Say Something (2013) and the series of IMPRO Concerts. Tick Tock Politics won the Original Theatre Form Award at the Kontakt festival in Torun, 2009, and the international competition award at the Music Theatre Now festival (Berlin, 2008). Europeans gained the Best Young Director award at the MESS festival in Sarajevo (2012).