Vít Peřina, Ivan Nesveda, Tomáš Dvořák

ALFA THEATRE, (Host theatre production)

Tomáš Dvořák

Direction: Tomáš Dvořák
Set: Ivan Nesveda
Dramaturgy: Pavel Vašíček
Music: Daniel Čámský
Cast: Martina Hartmannová, Marie Mrázková, Lenka Válková-Lupínková, Petr Borovský, Martin Bartůšek, Robert Kroupar, Daniel Čámský

Premiere June 1st, 2015

CHA CHA CHA or CHARLIE CHAPLIN AND OTHER CHUMPS – The comedians who meet in the production never actually met each other in real life on a single stage – Charlie Chaplin, Laurel a Hardy, Buster Keaton and others. The authors drew their inspiration from the golden age of comedy, when the film screen was ruled by gags, improvisation, exaggeration and humour, and peals of laughter would be heard from the auditorium. There is also, naturally, a custard pie fight, a chase, lots of action and a live music accompaniment.

Tomáš Dvořák (1956) – After studying at DAMU he joined the Divadlo Alfa in Pilsen in 1979, where, with the exception of an engagement in the Naivní divadlo in the 1989–1990 season, he remains today. Productions he has directed include The Wake in Hudlice and Prague, Good Golly, It’s The Dogheads and Love Saves All. Together with artist Ivan Nesveda he draws on the legacy of traditional puppet theatre, something that is particularly noticeable in their productions of plays by Iva Peřinová at the Naive Theatre in Liberec: The Headless Knight, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Alína or Petřín in Another Part of the World, The Beautiful Head Fireman or Fire in the National Theatre and Swan Lake.

Alfa Theatre – Alfa Theatre’s forerunner, the Children’s Theatre, opened in September 1966. The theatre’s current creative team (artistic head and director Tomáš Dvořák, dramaturg Pavel Vašíček and set designer Ivan Nesveda), together with external colleagues and a twelve-member company of actors, favour a comedial concept of theatre with an emphasis on the use of puppets. The theatre addresses a broad audience (children, young people and adults) and offers them a repertoire that is varied in both theme and genre, from classic and modern fairytales to world drama. The supreme (and flagship) works of recent years have been Dvořák’s production of Good Golly, It’s The Dogheads (1999) and The Three Musketeers (2006), which have won 27 awards, both Czech and foreign, and James Blond. Since 1967 the theatre has been the co-organiser of the Skupa’s Pilsen festival, a biennial competitive review of professional Czech puppet (and now also alternative) theatre, the 30th year of which took place in 2014.