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Direction: SKUTR
Set: Adriana Černá
Music: Petr Kaláb
Lighting design: Michael Bláha
Production: Claudia Nasli
Cast: Csongor Kassai, Željko Maksimovič, Przemyslaw Kosiński, Dawid Rafalski

Premiere November 14th, 2014

The Tempest – The quartet of figures on stage passes through both a literal and metaphorical tempest. “Watching the – at first sight fairly unrealistic – things in which the actors engage, you ask yourself why they are so effective despite their absurdity, and how they are connected to the theme. A couple of props that seem to have been washed up by the sea create an impression, in keeping with the subject, of somewhere not inhabited, a state of affairs after a
storm. With their aid, the actors stage their problem. We see they are considerably burdened, that something is oppressing them, weighing them down, limiting them, tying them, something that needs to be untied, something that engulfs them. The physical action points to a state of mind, and the burdens, ties and problems grow in time or become unbearable because they are repeated. These Beckett-like “outcasts” do not engage in dialogue with one another. In scruffy
trousers and stretched sweaters they fight through the play to each other, with words and props. In order to find balance the actors are capable of carrying planks on their backs, or to look for balance with the help of mops located on various parts of their bodies. It is possible to be
submerged in a problem, or to dig in it – we see that these people are in a trap and all they have to use is what is in them (or on the island). The props seem to indicate to the actors a parabola that has to be used in order for us to understand them, without their having to psychologise their state or to support it using the whole story. And since they express themselves by means of flotsam washed up by the sea, their actions are poetically resourceful and at the same time ambiguous, since they conjure up not only their inner states but also a desert island, and, on another plan, probably also the flotsam of the Holešovice
slaughterhouse,” Nina Rutová has written.

“ The Tempest is a recapitulatory project – both in subject and in terms of the actors, whom the directors have met on their foreign artistic missions. For me, however, it also brings to mind the
auter productions that SKUTR created many years ago. The production combines the spoken word and singing with physical action and distinctive use of metaphorical objects, and this time there is also shadow play. It is this combination and discovery that makes the Kukučka – Trpišovský duo unique. You may ask what connects this production with William Shakespeare’s play of the same name. I would say it was only the fact of being on an island, and the otherworldly atmosphere. But it doesn’t really matter. The directors ask much more fundamental questions than this in their Tempest.
—Lenka Dombrovská, Divadelní noviny

“ The Tempest is a production that manages to draw the audience into its strange, unhinged world, and, inside it, to intoxicate them with a bittersweet cocktail mixed of uncertainties, depressions and the grotesque.
—Vladimír Mikulka, Lidové noviny

“ The actors on the scene are the Poles Przemysław Kosiński and Dawid Rafalski, the Serbian Željko Maksimović and Slovak of Hungarian origin Csongor Kassai. Kukučka and Trpišovský have already worked with each of them in Czech theatres or abroad, and they then dreamed up a meeting on a single stage. In knitted caps, with beards, the four look like close relations. Each of them has brought to the production his language and his “tempest” – a personal crisis in which he lost someone close to him, or himself. From the personal testimonies that arose during rehearsals they have built a common story about losing, searching for and finding inner peace and light.
—Marie Reslová, Hospodářské noviny

SKUTR – The dramaturgical and directorial tandem Lukáš Trpišovský (1979) and Martin Kukučka (1979) graduated from DAMU in 2004, with their graduation production provoking the interest of both critics and audiences. After graduating, they gained artistic residence in the Archa Theatre, where they created several successful theatre projects. SKUTR productions have been taken to festivals in Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, China and South Korea. Its activity abroad culminated in a month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2008, where the production of “The Weepers” was nominated for a Total Theatre award. The production Joke Killers, created together with Adéla Laštovková, then represented the Czech Republic at the Expo 2010 world exhibition in Shanghai. Recently they have been looking more and more at a combination of music and theatre. Together with the Berg orchestra they created a production of Heiner Goebbels’ Schwarz auf Weiss for the international festival Strings of Autumn, and a staged performance of Honegger’s King David. They are interested in multigenre auteur projects, the combination of acrobatics, dance and physical theatre, martial arts techniques, design, sound and various improvisations. They are inspired by theme, people, the specific place of the creation of a production, by elements of tradition and the newest information technology and its use, and by new circus. According to their teacher Miloslav Klíma, the most characteristic feature of their work is a clear interest in human fate, the interweaving of time and plot bands, the ludic principle, the search for harmony, lyricism and
the imagination, and an interest in ritual. “Kukačka and Trpišovský have a superb ability to highlight the hidden. They know how to search for connections that are not clear at first sight, they like to perform autopsies and then to examine the human soul under a microscope,” Lenka Dombrovská has written.

STK Theatre Concept – A platform created by SKUTR (Martin Kukučka, Lukáš Trpišovský) and Adéla Laštovková Stodolová in order to stimulate ideas and productions, STK Theatre Concept mainly associates productions created under the SKUTR label (Little Death, Cult Production, Joke Killers, Men, Women, The Tempest, Cosmic Show).


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