Farid ud-Din Attar, Jean-Claude Carrière, Peter Brook

Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Costume designer: Belinda Radulović
Composer Branko Rožman
Assistant director and choreographer Gregor Luštek
Lighting designers Jernej Lorenci, Branko Hojnik
Language consultant Janez Bostič
Make-up designer Mirjana Djordjević

Heron Eva Kraš
Peacock Mateja Pucko
Parrot Mirjana Šajinović
Nightingale Zvezdana Novaković j.h. / as guest
Falcon Matevž Biber
Pigeon Davor Herga
Hoopoe Branko Jordan j.h. /as guest
Sparrow Viktor MegličSova / Owl Matija StipaničNetopýr / Bat Vladimir Vlaškalić 

Premiéra 24. září 2011 / Première 24 September 2011Délka představení 2 hodiny bez přestávky / Running time 2 hours, no interval.

The Conference of the Birds -
The birds´ flight through the desert reveals our fascination with the earthly, with existence. We may identify with the weaknesses of the Falcon who is devoted only to his master´s hands, or with the Peacock´s vanity, enthrallment with the material, or the narrow mind of the Parrot, who sits unfettered in her cage without particular need … The birds do not want to leave the safe haven of the known world, similar to us humans who find it hard to cross the familiar boundaries of life and self-sufficiency. Neustále je přítomen konflikt mezi pokušením zůstat na namístě či se dokonce vrátit a touhou postupovat vpřed - uskutečnit nemožné. Perský epos z 12. století ve zpracování dramatika a filmového scenáristy J.-C. Carrièra proslavila inscenace Petera Brooka z konce 70. let. Slovinská verze je dnešním zpracováním filozofického, silně metaforického textu.

Lorenci strips the seemingly fictitious beauty of the world (and theatre) down to the real, to the bare frame. The incursion of the physical counts neither on the doctrine of radical shock nor is it self-fulfilling. Low strikes are measured out with intensity and precision and assembled into a structure, which is a genre mishmash yet the director skillfully manipulates it into a rarely winning combination of the dramatic and the performative, marked with humor – at first inserted through improvisation on current themes and later on through a precise estrangement effect – and revealing the actors´ intimacy along with their collective vigour and synchronous ensemble performance.Nika Leskovšek, Dnevnik

Jernej Lorenci (1973) -Theatre director and pedagogue. He directed his first productions already in high school, as part of Maribor Dead Theatre. He studied theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. In 1997 he co-founded the Theatre School of the First Grammar School in Maribor. Upon graduating from AGRFT, he acquired his directorial experience in theatres in Slovenia and abroad. He was artistic director of Ptuj City Theatre. In 2006 he began teaching at AGRFT in the Department of Theatre and Radio Directing, first as assistant professor, and the following year as associate professor. He has won numerous prizes at home and abroad for his directorial work. Festival “THEATRE” already presented his production of Sarah Kane´s Cleansed (Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana at its Small Stage). It was in its 11th edition in 2003.  

Slovene National Theatre - The theatre building in Maribor was constructed in 1852. It was owned by the Germans until 1919 when a foundation for the Slovene professional theatre was laid. Slovene National Theatre Maribor is the largest cultural and artistic institution in Slovenia, organized into four coexisting and yet independent units: Drama, Opera, Ballet and Maribor Theatre Festival. Since its establishment in 1919, it has had an immense cultural and political role through its cultural creativity. It preserves and develops Slovene national identity and acts as an important pillar of the Slovene language.Cultivating the Slovene language as the most important national identity, producing classical and contemporary plays by Slovene and foreign authors, international co-operation and education of younger generations represent some of the most important goals and overall enterprise motivation of the Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor.Every year in October, the Maribor theatre hosts the central Slovene theatre festival – Maribor Theatre Festival.