About Festival THEATRE

Aims and Programme of the Festival

Festival Aims

  • To present a Show Case of the Czech theatre
  • To introduce the most outstanding and remarkable foreign productions together with a digest of the Czech ones, within a broad thematic and style scale of the scenes (drama, music, dance, puppet or street theatre).
  • To collate Czech professional drama art with top productions from abroad, namely from European countries, to draw Czech both theatrical and spectator audience nearer to modern trends of European and world theatre, and thus to contribute to our integration into European structures.
  • To create a space for meeting people of theatre among themselves.

International collaboration

  • international collaboration of countries, particularly the ones of the Visegrad Agreement and other European countries through cultural ministries, cultural centres and other institutions (The Hungarian Cultural Centre, The British Council, The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, The French Institute, Goethe-Institut, The Italian Cultural Centre, The Netherlands Theatre Institute, The Polish Institute, The, The Slovak Cultural Centre, Administration of Prague Castle and others)
  • traditional collaboration with European countries (Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and others)