COVID conditions for entrance to performances

More tickets on sale

We are adding more tickets for sale. Don´t hestitate!

Czech performances with English subtitles

All Czech performances are with English subtitles.

Thank you for your support and see you next year


Thank you very much for your visit and interest. We look forward to meeeting you on September 14 - 22, 2022, in Pilsen.

Thank you, main part of the festival is over


Thank you for your interest and visit. The main festival part is over.

What not to miss from our international selection?


Don´t miss: VALSTYBINIS JAUNIMO TEATRAS: Austerlitz (dir. Krystian Lupa), NTGent: Family (dir. Milo Rau), TR WARSAW / THE HELENA MODRZEJEWSKA NATIONAL OLD THEATRE, KRAKOW: 3STRS (dir. Luk Perceval) and SLOVAK CHAMBER THEATRE: D1 (working title) (dir. Lukáš Brutovský). Tickets are on sale in network.

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