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Green Smatroll The band was created during the course of 2002. At first it was a small project, on the jam session level, with the various players getting used to the other instruments and playing together. In a relatively short space of time, however, others joined the band and by the end of November 2002 the line-up was complete. During November the band, now featuring keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and tenor and alto saxophone, focused on ska.

Their first concert met with great success. There followed a number of other concerts all over the Czech Republic and also abroad. During their relatively short career they appeared on stage alongside greats of the world ska scene such as the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation, Mr. T-bone All Star Band, Yellow Umbrella, Skalariak, Irié Revoltés, The Slackers, Babylon Circus, Doreen Shaffer and Moon Invaders, Los Granadians and many others. They also became regular participants in festivals such as Skankin Pragga, Mighty Sounds, Reggae Ethnic Session, Trutnov, Unite Fest, Sázava Fest etc. Their unforgettable successes include winning first prize in the band competition at the Oelsnitz festival in Germany.

In 2003 Green Småtroll recorded their first album, “Green Perception” (Jahquita Records), which contains both material from the band’s beginnings and newer projects. It shows well the way in which the band had developed, both in stylistic and instrumental terms. In particular, the influence of bands The Skatalites, Yellow Umbrella, Babylon Circus and New York Ska Jazz Ensemble can be seen, as well as that of many musical styles (Balkan and Arabic motifs, klezmer music).

In February 2005 a trombone was added to the basic line-up, and soon after the band completed and released, again with Jahquita Records, their second album, entitled “So This Night…” The album, in which a major role was played by master of sound Pavel Kure Hejc (Vitacit), contains nine songs and a live bonus. It was christened in the band’s home club, Klub 007 in Strahov, Prague, on 22 June 2006.

After the christening of the album “So This Night” a gradual but extensive reshuffling of the band’s line-up took place. The line-up settled down again in January 2007.

Major recent successes include working with Roy Ellis (aka Mr. Symarip) as accompanying band…

In 2009 the band released its third album, entitled Rude Jazz, which won it an Anděl award, the Czech equivalent of a Grammy, in the Ska and Reggae category.


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