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Jiří Jiráň & Botafogo / FREE ENTRY ()

Botafogo for the most part play in the style known as Břevnov Bossa Nova, but their repertoire also includes folk, Indian and theatre songs.

Most of the band’s songs have their origin in Jiráň’s authentic diary entries – the songs written in Ojibwe arose from the time when he was working in Canada, and the first version of the Spanish songs he wrote with a stick in the sand on the beach in Menorca. Jiráň’s lyric reflect his philosophy of life and his experience of its tribulations, but he manages to wrap his experiences in humour and poetry.

According to Jan Jiráň the music shows several influences – for example the urban folk he used to play with Martin Stropnický, bigbeat and ethno. The definitive influence, however, remains his beloved bossa nova. “Today bossa nova is a bit more in, because people are listening more to Latin music in general,“ says Jan Jiráň. “But I played it at a time when no one was interested in it. And I’ll stay faithful to Brazilian rhythms even when they’re out again.


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