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Oneness (Martin Dvořák, Lukáš Leopold)

Martin Dvořák, Lukáš Leopold

Choreagraphy and dance: Martin Dvořák a Lukáš Lepold – ProART Company (CZ), Tine Schmidt a Morgan Reid – Phase Zero Productions (DE)
The production has no language barrier

The aim of the Czech-German project Oneness is the experiencing of time and its investigation using contemporary dance.

The two groups, from the Czech Republic and Germany – ProART Company and Phase Zero Productions – look at the theme of the common history of an individual and society, in the current moment, here and now. History is created at each moment. If the moment goes away, it becomes the past. Can we, in the flow of time, be aware of the real moment, the NOW in which we find ourselves and in which we are living? And which moments define Czech-German history and our partnership? In what space and time were these moments visible or tangible? Can we revive these moments here and now?

Choreographers and dancers from both countries meet to create their own choreographies on the theme in question, and create a third, joint piece, which will develop and connect experiences from the previous, separate working processes. Views from both perspectives, and from two differing microworlds, will become one – ONENESS. The joint project will be shown in the Czech Republic and Germany five times – once in Pilsen, twice in Brno and twice in Dresden.


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