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Dance workshops Pro ART ()

ProART Company “Let us choose art a a means of communication. Let us learn to speak with our bodies in dance, with our voice to touch the feelings of the other, with our acting to reflect the dreams and fantasies of our lives, in our photography to preserve moments and fragments of time, or to paint joy at the nearness of another person. We want to offer young people the chance to meet and create together.”

At the heart of the ProART Company’s work is an attempt to find common paths for dance, drama and singing, and attempt to make dance and theatrical performances understandable to a broader spectrum of the public. ProART Company’s work typically focuses on classical music, on making connections that go above and beyond genre, and on the search for new ways of expression and concepts for already-existing musical and literary tasks, as well as for themes that react to Czech history and current social tendencies.

After ProART Company’s successful appearance at Moving Station in April 2017 we are pleased to welcome them here again, this time with their new production Oneness (21.9., 20:00, Moving Station). We are also including in the programme dance workshops for the public, led by professional dancers and teachers who appear in the above-mentioned production.


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