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PS: … Write Back! (Lukáš Brutovský)

Lukáš Brutovský 

Concept, libretto and direction: Lukáš Brutovský 
Dramaturgy: Miro Dacho 
Set: Juraj Kuchárek 
Costumes: Martin Kotúček
Music: Mario Buzzi
Choreography: Ján Ševčík

Kateřina Krejčí
Pavla Gajdošíková
Markéta Matulová
Ondřej Brett
Michal Sedláček
Vojtěch Říha
Milan Cimerák
Jakub Burýšek

Premiere 27th January 2017 in the Petr Bezruč Theatre

PS: … Write Back! A playful production with a script consisting of quotations from old postcards from the 1970s and 1980s. Eight actors perform dozens of fragments of human fates, both funny and moving, and we flit through historical periods from the Nazi occupation to the present day. Brutovský’s direction creates an inspired and associative spectacle with a lightly absurd sense of humour, sometimes cynical, sometimes warm-hearted.

Basing a production on quotes from postcards (…) seems like a suicidal idea. Here, however, under director Lukáš Brutovský and dramaturg Miro Dacho the Bezruč theatre has managed to create a production that for me personally is the most pleasant surprise of the 2017 theatrical year. (...) The acting is mostly excellent, with a number of scenes rendered endearing precisely by the way in which they are acted (such as, for example, the would-be-self-confident rants of a formless schoolgirl). They are given a darker undercurrent (although not entirely consistently) by the letters from hospitals and various death notices. When to this is added a deliberately creaky and somewhat capriciously intonating band, the effect becomes almost like that of Swiss director Christoph Marthaler. Finally, it is always a pleasure to find that a production’s creators do not regret time and energy spent on goofing around.
Vladimír Mikulka, nadivadlo.blogspot.cz

Brutovský and dramaturg Miro Dacho have resuscitated the nostalgic bloom of moving, sometimes heart-rending messages, mixing from them a rough and sarcastically grotesque cocktail in which you will find everything. From First Republic clichés via the dark ages of socialism building in the 1950s to the gymnastics of perestroika. Trips to the sea, desperate messages from Young Pioneer camps, love letters, wills from the houses of the dead, disco posers, everyday Sudeten German life (…).
Martin Jiroušek, Ostravan.cz

Lukáš Brutovský (1988) Studied direction and dramaturgy at VŠMU in Bratislava, and works as a director, translator and author. His play Lunch gained first place in the Drama 2009 competition, and was also nominated for Discovery of the Season and Best Director in the prestigious survey Dosky 2011. He first appeared on the Czech stage in the Kladno City Theatre (Banners in the Wind), going on to attract attention with Maryša in Brno’s HaDivadlo, for which he won the Divadelní Noviny Award. He has also worked in Prague’s Švandovo divadlo (The Misanthrope) and in the National Theatre of Moravia-Silesia (Diary of My Father). He has also directed in a number of Slovak theatres, with his production of Karvaš’Midnight Mass in the Slovak National Theatre enjoying great success. Since 2015 he has been the artistic head of the Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin.

Petr Bezruč Theatre The theatre’s history starts in 1945. It enjoyed an important era in the 1960s, when graduates of the DAMU theatre school worked here, led by actor and director Jan Kačer and set designer Luboš Hrůza before they left for the newly-created Činoherní klub in Prague. In recent years the theatre has been shaped by the distinctive artistic heads Janusz Klimsza, Jan Mikulášek, Martin Františák and Štěpán Pácl. Talented Czech theatre directors have worked here, often straight out of school (the SKUTR duo, Daniel Špinar, Jan Frič and a number of others). The theatre’s current artistic head is Janka Ryšánek Schmiedová.


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