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TR Warszawa

Holzwege (Marta Sokołowska)

Katarzyna Kalwat

Director: Katarzyna Kalwat
Text: Marta Sokołowska
Set: Anna Tomczyńska
Video: Ewa Łuczak
Light design: Paulina Góral

Jan Dravnel, Sandra Korzeniak, Zygmunt Krauze, Tomasz Tyndyk

Premiere: 15th January 2016

Holzwege (a German expression, used by Heidegger, for a blind alley) is the title of a work by Tomasz Sikorski, one of the most interesting composers of the second half of the 20th century. The production by the same name, based on Marta Sokołowska’s play, is an attempt to understand Sikorski’s work and life, which came to a premature end with his mysterious death. Holzwege is a combination of a theatre play and a concert. The play takes the form of a theatrical investigation where the actors, together with the musicians, examine the circumstances of the composer’s death, trying to arrive at the truth about the phenomenon of the avant-garde artist and his mission in society. Alongside the TR Warszawa actors Jan Dravnel, Sandra Korzeniak and Tomasz Tyndyk, the eminent composer Zygmunt Krauze, a friend of Sikorski’s, also participates. The actors and musicians draw on the works of the avant-garde composer, documentary materials and literary fiction to pay tribute to him.

Tomasz Sikorski (1939-1988) is seen as an exponent of sonorism and minimalism. The Warsaw-born child prodigy, son of the composer Kazimierz Sikorski and recipient of French and US government scholarships, died in 1988 in unexplained circumstances. His music, which defied genre classifications, was not appreciated in his lifetime. Only in recent years has its innovativeness, radicalism and pioneering power begun to be recognised.

22nd Polish National Competition for the Staging of a Polish Contemporary Play
• I award for the spectacle
• Actor’s award for Tomasz Tyndyk as Tomasz Sikorski

Performances at festivals:
2016 – Festival of New Dramaturgies (Festiwal Prapremier), Bydgoszcz
2016 – 9th Divine Comedy Festival (Festiwal Boska Komedia), Cracow

Holzwege by Marta Sokołowska, a painfully honest and unpretentious play about the brilliant composer and pianist Tomasz Sikorski, was directed on the stage of TR Warsaw by Katarzyna Kalwat.
Mike Urbaniak, Gazeta Wyborcza

Tomek Tyndyk as Sikorski creates the most important theatrical role in years, comparable to his outstanding creations in the plays directed by Warlikowski: Prior Walter in Angels in America or Robin in Cleansed. Sikorski as played by Tyndyk is at the same time a spoiled brat, a madman, an egotist and an aching sage whose talent destroys him from the inside, whose creative output becomes destructive. We know such protagonists, we have seen them more than once, in cinema or theatre, but watching the charismatic Tyndyk one cannot resist an impression that Sikorski found a mirror. Holzwege is him.
Łukasz Maciejewski, www.aict.art.pl

Holzwege is sometimes theatre, and at times a concert of Sikorski’s music. From the very first moment Zygmunt Krauze is present on stage - another great composer, who used to be Sikorski’s friend and collaborator. His intensive, yet coarse presence, free from any imports of the acting craft, elevates the project to a higher level. Krauze remarkably plays the pieces of the author of Solitude of sounds (Samotność dźwięków) and most importantly gives the show the sincerity of a personal experience.
Jacek Wakar, Polish Radio

Katarzyna Kalwat graduated in psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and directing studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. During her studies, she participated in many workshops and apprenticeships, including Korber Studio Junge Regie at Thalia Theater in Hamburg. She is the recipient of a scholarship from the French government, and was assistant to Krystian Lupa on the plays Persona. Marilyn and Persona. Simone’s Body (Persona. Ciało Simone). Her last play Your Highness (Wasza wysokość) at Teatr WARSawy was an attempt to face the phenomenon of contemporary himalaism. Other productions she has directed include A Time to Reap (Zażynki) by Anna Wakulik at the Polish Theatre in Poznań and Queen of Cakes by Bela Pinter at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn.

TR Warszawa has been one of the best known theatres in Poland for over 10 years. It is regarded as a modern theatre open to new ideas, a theatre that cultivates the best theatrical traditions. TR’s high position in various rankings of young European theatres is confirmed by numerous awards won by the company at national and international festivals. It attracts notable directors – Grzegorz Jarzyna (artistic director since 1998 and since 2006 also general director), Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski, René Pollesch as well as representatives of younger generations, such as Michał Borczuch. The search for a new language of theatrical expression requires the company to reach not only for new, contemporary dramatic texts but also to reinterpret the classics.


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