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Diary of a Madman (Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol)

Viktor Bodó

Direction: Viktor Bodó
Set design: Tamás Keresztes
Graphic designer: Gergő Nagy
Dramaturgy: Juli Róbert
Assistant: Zsuzsi Szakács
Psychology expert: Dr. Zsolt Zalka
Producer: Tibor Orlai
International relations: Ildikó Ságodi

Special thanks to Nóra Juhász, Árpád Kákonyi, József Szalai, Dávid Szarvas

Popriščin / Poprishchin: Tamás Keresztes

Premiere: 24th September 2016

Diary of a Madman In the Autumn of 2016, Viktor Bodó stages the Diary of a Madman from Gogol's “St. Petersburg Stories”, in the form of a monodrama. Tamás Keresztes, who has previously worked with the director as the lead actor in the internationally acclaimed theatre show Rattledanddisappeared, here plays the main character, a councillor, whose descent into insanity is played out by Keresztes right in front of our eyes. The second ’protagonist’ of the show is the spiral that creates a special atmosphere, with unique, live music on stage. Are we mad or is the world insane? The questions raised by Gogol’s story in 1834 are still relevant today, in 2016.

What might Gogol think, watching this play today? He would presumably be quite astonished himself at the genius of Poprishcsin’s madness.

It is baffling how this span of madness is built up with such a sense of proportion by Tamás Keresztes, that we almost die with empathy. I don’t remember ever having been so intensely impressed intellectually as well as physically by a theatrical performance.
József Kling, unikornis.hu

Viktor Bodó’s Gogol reading is a light railway gradually gathering speed. Tamás Keresztes increases the speed continually, and it is barely perceptible at the start what dangerous pace he will dictate at the end.
Gábor Csatádi, Pótszékfoglaló

The performance is a verbal composition, a symphony of destruction, complete with sound, image and movement. It is stirring, it is savage and it is heartbreaking and even comical. It is the higher school of acting.
Dezső Kovács, Art7.hu Művészeti Portál

Viktor Bodó (1978) Studied acting and then theatre direction at the Theatre and Film University in Budapest. Since graduating in 2003 he has devoted himself to theatre and film direction, appearing as an actor only in film. Among his greatest successes are a dramatisation of Kafka’s The Trial at the József Katona Theatre under the title Semeloumnezmizelsem / Rattledanddisappeared, which he presented at the Pilsen festival in 2009. For this and other guest direction in Hungary and elsewhere he has won a number of theatre awards. In 2008 he founded his own company, Sputnik Shipping Company. Viktor Bodó regularly directs in Hungary, and also in Austrian and German theatres (Graz, Vienna, Berlin and Köln). His directing style, packed full of citations, action and wit, has led him to be called “the Quentin Tarantino of contemporary theatre.”

The performance was created in co-production between the Katona József Theatre, the MASZK Association (Szeged), the FÜGE and the Orlai Production Office.


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