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God Is a DJ (Falk Richter)

Šimon Ferstl

Direction: Šimon Ferstl
Dramaturgy: Jakub Szatinský
Music: Radovan Kuštek (DJ RNCO)
VJ: Christian Frank
Set: Karolína Kamenská

She: Barbora Andrešičová
He: Tomáš Pokorný

Premiere: 25th October 2016

God Is a DJ Falk Richter’s cult play is staged here by the young members of the Petr Mankovecký Theatre as a maximally authentic account of the way in which their contemporaries perceive the complexity and challenges of the world that surrounds them and attacks them. The author has bestowed upon the heroes of his play the anonymous pronouns He and She, but they both do everything they can to get rid of their anonymity. They have decided to live their lives in the full gaze of the public, elevating their everyday lives to a reality show. The cameras that are installed everywhere mean they can immediately upload to the internet everything that goes on in their flat. However, they are well aware that they have to give their invisible audience something more than just the harmonious stability of the everyday rituals of a couple in love. They thus present extreme opinions and shocking confessions, and provoke each other with „what if“ debates. The attacks escalate, and from time to time the theatrical hysteria alternates with embarrassed silence. Are we still watching an attempt to create a show, or has our heroes‘ play area been taken over - against their will – by a harsh and bruising reality?

It is hard to believe that Falk Richter’s play will soon be 20 years old. The creators of this production have exchanged the already slightly dated reality show format for You Tube, and opened up space in the formally complex text for freedom and communicativeness. This helps to create a modern, witty but authentic production with excellent performances by Barbora Andrašičová and Tomáš Pokorný.
Soňa J. Smolková, Pravda

The Petr Mankovecký Theatre (named after the recently-deceased popular lecturer at VŠMU) was founded by young Bratislava actors. In a bar in the city centre they look at the artificial reality of the reality show in their variation on Falk Richter’s God is a DJ. It is far from clear whether the feelings that the characters talk about are real, or whether the protagonists of the show are just putting them on.
Jan Kerbr, Divadelní noviny

Šimon Ferstl (1990) graduated in acting from the VŠMU in Bratislava. As an actor he has made guest appearances in the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra and the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava. He is the principal of the Petr Mankovecký Theatre, and God is a DJ is his directorial debut.

Petr Mankovecký Theatre The theatre was created in 2015 on the initiative of a class of acting graduates from the VŠMU. Petr Mankovecký (1968-2013) was their main teacher. The theatre’s first production was September 2015, on which actors from the theatre worked with the directorial and dramaturgical duo Lukáš Brutovský and Miro Dacho. It then established itself fully on the independent theatre scene in 2016 with the successful immersive site-specific project Disturbance (Christmas in Stalkville), which Czech director Petra Tejnorová created with the theatre on the basis of Falk Richter’s Disturbance.


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